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With sixteen columns penned to date, John Emmerling has written more columns for Advertising Age than any other practicing marketing or advertising professional.
Some columns are featured here.

* A few marketing lessons from Gettysburg
* Battle cry equals brand success
* How marketers should prepare for economic recovery
* What happened to the Giants of the ad biz?
* The Thinker-Writer: How to pick out these valuable hybrid workers
* What clients want most from their ad agencies
* What to tell a young person asking about an advertising career
* How to start an advertising agency (and avoid failing)
* The ad agency search consultants: Learn to live with them
* Incentive compensation for ad agencies: It’s here & not going away
* How Bill Gates inspires creativity at Microsoft
* Should you use a celebrity in your ad campaign? Here are two tests.
* Ad agency people who write novels on the side
* Why do some ad agencies fear radio?