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"Innovation is creativity
  with a job to do."

—John Emmerling

This is brainstorming that delivers what you're looking for—the big ideas and unexpected strategies that catapult your enterprise toward future goals. John Emmerling facilitates both of these sessions by using insight-provoking questions, quick sketches, and visual exercises.

Participants get involved—and results happen fast. In just a few hours, your team will "take ownership" of the fresh ideas and market-moving strategies they see boldly displayed on the walls.

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This session is a sure-fire way to come up with Big Ideas. Because only a Visual Brainstorming session spurs your group’s imagination by visualizing every single idea. The sketches bring the room to life and unleash creative energy—always leading to at least 25 fresh concepts. At the session’s end, participants vote for “Biggest Ideas” and discuss how to make those Big Ideas happen.
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During a SuperS.W.O.T.™ session your group will explore the Competitive Landscape, outline the 3-Year Strategic Path, visually profile Key Players (your best customers and prospects), then dig deep for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats. As we wrap up, your group considers the session’s implications for strategy.

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John also writes and sketches a cartoon blog called MAX SEZ, the Official Blog of Poodle Wit & Wisdom. The guiding mantra:
"If a dog says it, you can believe it."
Follow Max on Facebook or Twitter @Max_Sez.


"John Emmerling sparks ideas—and knows how to spark them in organizations."

Kenneth Roman
Former Chairman/CEO
Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

“John Emmerling's sessions led to a new branding direction—and a Battle Cry—for Falcon. It has helped us become the worldwide market share leader in sales of large-cabin business jets.”

John Rosanvallon
Dassault Falcon Jet Corp.

“Emmerling consulted with us on corporate strategy development — and the creation of our own Battle Cry. We found it a stimulating and successful experience.”

Chris Poleway
President Fortune/Money Group, Time Inc.

“These two sessions played an important role in strategic planning—and in coming up with our Battle Cry.”

Anthony J. DiSalle
VP, Marketing & Sales
General Motors OnStar